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  • Mama-to-be Pamper Package


    This beautiful 90-minute combination of treatments is the ultimate, rejuvenating experience for expecting mothers' face and belly. Relax and indulge in the comfort of our luxurious, elevated bed (no laying flat here) as you enjoy our Deluxe Hydrafacial (Level 2). Additionally, during this time, you will receive our baby-belly-bliss treatment, providing much-needed and well-deserved tender loving care to the skin on your expanding belly. To enhance your relaxation, you can listen to our pregnancy meditation soundtrack.  This Package is tailored with specific ingredients that would nurture and rejuvenate a pregnant woman's skin. Enriched with natural oils, vitamins, and minerals, this newly developed facial would not only enhance the glow on their face but also target their expanding bellies.

  • 12 week skin program


    One-time skin treatments are relaxing and have short-term effects, but consistency is essential as with anything. Consider us to be your skin's personal trainers. Our objective is to give you the skin of your dreams and incredible long-term results. In addition to offering treatments, we also support you throughout the journey by creating a customised home care schedule and making lifestyle recommendations that will improve your outcomes.
    Save $455 on this incredible program which also includes an essential skin care pack valued at $253.50 to use at home during your treatments.

    When you book this treatment, a comprehensive 30-minute consultation will be included, as well as your initial 75-minute lymphatic enzyme treatment. All future treatments will be scheduled on the same day as your appointment.

    Treatments included in this program:

    1. The Botox Facial
    2. Pro-Stamp
    3. Hydrafacial Deluxe + Peel/Booster + LED (Level 2)
    4. KRX Green Sea Peel 
    5. Enzyme Lift Off
    6. Hydrafacial Deluxe + Peel/Booster + LED (Level 2)

    Payment options include: 
    100% payment upfront at first appointment or 50% payment at first appointment then 50% payment at second appointment